Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Summer Pasta

I dragged my tush to bodypump yesterday evening (I know you were waiting with bated breath to find out if I made it). It was surprisingly similar to hot yoga (seriously the sweating started in the warm-up and I used that analogy even though I've never been to hot yoga - but I figure it's pretty hot). After sweating working out I headed home where the Aussie spoiled me with a lovely juice.

Pre-juicer chewing:

Look at all that goodness.

We also got a wedding invitation (woot, woot - I love weddings), so we'll be having lots of wedding fun at the end of March.

Today I walked around Albert Park lake with my sister-in-law and then walked to the grocery store to gather some ingredients after I was inspired by this girl to make her olive oil pasta (which I took the liberty of renaming Summer Pasta because it was so light and summery).

Pasta is always better with bruschetta.

The pasta was delish! We decided that such a lovely meal deserved a good dinner location.

Enter the much loved and not used enough outdoor set (with a handsome husband)

Added bonus is leftovers for the Aussie's lunch.

Off to watch Big Bang,


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