Wednesday, February 20, 2013

People are strange

Oscar, my beloved juicer, made an excellent breakfast juice today by chomping up the usual juice suspects (with the Aussie's help, of course).


 became that:

I love all the colours, and yes ice makes everything better. This made two 16 ounce juices.

For lunch I decided to venture out for a veggie burger. It turned out to be an interesting walk. First thing I saw was the mailman (mailperson?) delivering mail on a bicycle! I'd never seen that before, and definitely thought it was an awesome way to do it. In true stalker fashion, I whipped out my camera to snap a photo.

Um, you may be wondering where the bike is (heck or even where the mailman is). You need to look very closely and you'll see his little bag sticking out as he turned the corner. Those guys are fast, and, sadly, I am not (note to self - take paparazzi off potential career options).

But, my walk got even more interesting when I saw a guy riding his bike in the middle of the rode wearing these (not a mailman):


I kid you not. And I definitely wouldn't recommend it, because it's incredibly reckless (I think he must may have been drunk at 1pm on a Wednesday).

I finally made it to the burger place - Urban Burger.

I have been here once with the Aussie, and decided to be unoriginal and get the exact same thing - vegan burger & snack sized chips with honey mustard for dippage.

The burger is made from lentils and darn tasty.

After the feast, I decided to peruse Aunt Maggies, a local health-food store.

I like to imagine that it's like Wholefoods, but it's not (not even close). I was delighted though when I saw they started carrying my favourite local sparkling water from Hepburn Springs.

The Workout

Today I did 5 ks of walking and bodypump.

Off to veg,


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