Monday, February 11, 2013

Enjoying my time

After a fabulous weekend, I feel a bit worthless since I don't have a job to go to. In an effort to get my week off to a good start, I decided to head to a local cafe for their incredible scones and jam (umm ... I may have visited before, as in a few times).

devoured ate my scone while reading Jane Eyre and people watched. I love seeing people bringing their dogs to brunch.

I desperately needed a pair of heels for the job I don't have. I joke, but I did really need a pair, because eventually I'll have a job and who knows when I'll get an interview. I would hate to have to say "I'd love to come to an interview, but lets make it tomorrow so I can have proper foot attire." I decided to head down to the DFO (direct factory outlets) in Southbank.

I took the train to Flinders Street and then walked to the DFO. It was a great walk.

I had some success in the shoe department, luckily. I used to be a size 6 but in the past few years I've been having a lot of trouble finding a size 6 that actual fits, so much to my chagrin I've started looking for size 5. Do you know how stinking hard it is to find size 5 heels?! Very hard I tell ya. Although size 5 velcro shoes are much easier to find. So when I finally found a pair, there was no way I could walk away.

I really like the chunky heel, and I'm hoping they prove to be comfortable.

Other purchases included a black dress, tank top, and tights.

I got my first pair of coloured tights, since I was probably 8. I think they'll look nice with the dress and shoes for a bit of pop.

I also picked up a few little things for Valentine's day!

Now I'm trying to motivate myself for a 5:30 bodypump class. 

Until tomorrow,


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