Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thrifting it up

I love sleep. There I said it. So much so that the Aussie and I often joke that one highlight from our honeymoon in Tonga was this incredible nap when we first arrived and there was a breeze blowing through our bungalow (I say "joke" but it seriously was a highlight and often reminisced about). To have the perfect sleep I need a cold bed, a fluffy pillow, and a handsome husband (okay I could probably even lose the third thing and still have a great sleep, actually sometimes the third thing makes my sleep worse - bed hog!). At midnight last night it was still 27c/80f and our little fan was not cutting it at all, so we were rebels and turned on the our split system (similar to a window unit in the US). Um, I'm definitely going to be dreading the next power bill.

But today provided much needed relief and I welcomed the chilly and grey day (a bit blasphemous to say in the summer). I decided to venture out for a bit of thrift shopping.

The goods:

I plan to pair this dress with a cardigan for a nice office look (obviously not needed until an employer realises how fabulous I am).

This tank looks cute on, but I'm still not sure what to pair it with. And yes I tried (and failed) to find a way to show the goods that didn't look completely bland.

The Workout

I went hard with the squats in bodypump last night, and today I am feeling it. I did a 4k walk today.

Off to catch-up on sleep,


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