Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy V-day!

I hope everyone is celebrating Valentine's day with someone special - a spouse, a friend, a sister, a pup. I know it's a commercial holiday (trust me the Aussie reminds me of it every year), but I love all holidays.

The day started with an interview (Hey firm, please hire me!), and I found out that my shoes (yes the beauties I just bought a few days ago) are evil. My poor little pinkie toes have turned into two sets of twins (pinkie and blister). Ugh. I contemplated taking a picture. Okay, I did take a picture and it's so ugly that I'm not posting it in fear of you throwing up on your keyboard and asking me to pay for a replacement. Haven't you heard I'm unemployed? I can't afford all these replacement keyboards!

After the interview I went to a cupcake bakery (me and about a million other people) and I got an adorable V-day cupcake.

I'd like to say I shared it with my amazing husband, but I didn't. Instead I inhaled it and decided to count it as a gift from him since I knew I wouldn't be getting a treat today (he's busy at work and promised me a V-day celebration dinner on Saturday instead). Thanks, hubs!

I did save the "I love you" to make my homemade dessert a bit better. My dessert needed the extra help.

I tried my hand at making cake balls (i.e. cake pops without the stick). Yes, I inadvertently made "girl" and "boy" cake balls. The Aussie said they were good, but what's he going to say when he comes home empty handed on Valentine's day.

I also made a homemade tomato sauce to serve over fried eggplant along with pasta.

The Aussie did get a few little gifts.

We tend to leave little notes for each other on random bits of paper, I thought we could use the love notes book instead and then we'd have a little keepsake too (I know it's sappy).

I enjoyed spoiling the Aussie a bit today, because the truth is Valentine's day should be for both partners (cough, Saturday better be good, cough).

Off to cuddle,


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