Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday's delayed post (aka Zesty Mexican Salad)

After a small battle to get back into the blog after I forgot my password (thanks Google for finally believing I was the rightful owner!), I can now post about my nutritious and spicy dinner.

I wanted dinner to highlight lots of veggies (perhaps to counter last week's love affair with scones), so I knew a salad was in order. However, salads can be boring and I was in the mood for exciting.

Mexican flavours are obviously the best, so I went with a Mexican themed salad.

I started out with a layer of spinach.

Then a layer of black and kidney beans.

Followed by tomato.

A mound of corn (I used corn on the cob off the cob - beats frozen every.single.time)

 A glob of salsa.

And finally a heap of guacamole.

After you take the final picture then you mix it altogether until it looks terrible and tastes delicious. What it lacks in originality it more than makes up for in flavour.

The Workout

I thought it might motivate me more to have a little section on each post about my workout. Monday's workout was a 3k walk and bodypump. Luckily the pump class wasn't super packed, which meant the room didn't get boiling hot.

Off to be productive (or not),


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